Jukebox And Party Hire Info Perth.

Q.How long do we have the jukeboxes for?

A.You get them for a 24hr period. We drop them off on the day of your event and collect following day.

Q.Do you set up the equipment?

A.Yes. We always setup the gear and give you a demonstration of how it works.

Q.Is it easy to operate?

A.Yes. All our systems are easy to use with the latest leading software.

Q.Do you require a deposit?

A.No deposit required just full payment on setup.

Q.Can we have the jukebox outside?

A.As long as it is under shelter protected from the elements.

Q.Do you deliver?

A.We deliver all jukeboxes as we like to set them up.

Q.Can we connect phones to the jukeboxes?

A.Yes. All jukeboxes have Bluetooth And Aux Cord.

Q.My friend hired a jukebox from another company and they turned up with a laptop.

A.Don’t worry. We use proper size jukeboxes NO LAPTOPS.

Q.Do your jukeboxes have the latest hits?

A.All jukeboxes are updated weekly with the latest hits.

Q.Can you supply someone to operate the jukebox?

A.Yes. We have experienced karaoke and DJ hosts to suit your needs.

Q.What makes your jukeboxes the best to hire?

A.Here’s why.

Q.Do the karaoke systems have a separate tv for singers?

A.Yes 32″ as standard or 40″ if required.

Q.Are there discounts if we order extra items with a jukebox?

A.Yes, just let us know what you require.

Q.Do your jukeboxes use discs?

A.No. All our boxes are digital.

Q.Is there a surcharge for holidays?

A.No surcharges, just our normal great prices.

Q.Do we pay extra for delivery?

A.Depends On Your Location.

Q.Do we have to choose what songs that we want on the jukebox?

A. No. All songs are already on the systems.