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Karaoke singers In order to get a big and powerful singing voice, the singer needs to incorporate lots of singing techniques together, this can only be done by practicing on a regular basis with the proper vocal exercises
Now to open up further for that bigger singing sound, the singer has to open the area near the base of the tongue, this can be done by imagining the beginning of a yawn. This visualizing opens up the singing pathway, keeps the tongue in the correct position and lifts the soft palate making your mouth shaped more like a megaphone, and you know how loud megaphones are.

With this mouth structure, the back of the throat will naturally open up making the link between the vocal tone colors of the upper and lower resonances possible. While you are singing, the inner structure of your mouth is constantly working, adjusting to fine tune the oral cavity until the feel and sound of any sustained note just right.

The best position of the mouth should thus be a slight oval, with the corners of the mouth drawn in and the jaw down. It is critical that your lips are relaxed. If your lips are not relaxed, tension will accumulate around the jaw and your mouth making your singing tone sounding tight and tensed.

When your singing mouth is in this position, the jaw, tongue and the palate will not be so rigid and will be responding to the direction of the inner ear. As you become more experienced, you will be come more sensitive to the feeling of the mouth cavity slowly adjusting to each vowel as it fits into the available space in your mouth.

All this amazing mechanism takes place just because of your imaging of the beginning of a yawn. How ever you generate a full yawn, then the voice box will be lowered too much and that creates a new obstruction in your singing pathway rather than freeing up your voice so that you can have a big singing voice.

Another source that can block the singing pathway is your tongue, Just make sure that your tongue is very relaxed and sits comfortably against the back of your bottom teeth. If your tongue pulls back, the airflow will be obstructed and will divide the mouth and throat into 2 resonators. On the other hand, it the tongue lift up too high, the mouth will be separated into two resonator, front and back.

Therefore the ultimate mouth position when sustaining tone on a vowel for the big singing voice is a flat forward relaxed tongue just behind the lower teeth oval mouth position and the imaging of the beginning of a yawn. What follow naturally from here will be a bigger and a more powerful singing voice. To get that big powerful singing voice for karaoke or singing performer, more regular vocal exercises are required.

The singing process functions best when certain physical conditions of the body are put in place.To move air in and out of the body freely and to obtain the needed quantity of air can be seriously affected by the posture of the various parts of the breathing mechanism. A sunken chest position will limit the capacity of the lungs, and tense abdominals will inhibit the downward travel of the diaphragm. Great posture helps the breathing mechanism to fulfill its basic function efficiently without undue expenditure of energy.

Great posture also makes it easier to initiate phonation and to tune the resonators as proper alignment prevents unnecessary tension in the body.When singers assume good posture it often provides them with a greater sense of self assurance and poise while performing. Audiences also tend to respond better to singers with good posture.Great posture also will improve the overall health of the body by enabling better blood circulation and help preventing fatigue and stress on the bodies system.

Eight components required for good singing posture:

  1. Feet slightly apart
  2. Legs straight but knees slightly bent
  3. Hips facing straight forward
  4. Spine aligned
  5. Abdomen flat
  6. Chest comfortably forward
  7. Shoulders down and back
  8. Head facing straight forward

Karaoke Singer Vocal Exercises

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1. Lip Trills

Gently blow air through closed lips but keep them relaxed at the same time, then sing an uh vowel underneath, your lips should start to trill and the resistance of the bubbling lips helps to maintain cord closure, a very important part of good singing technique.

2. Creaky Doors
This is a fantastic exercise to build the coordination needed to maintain a proper cord closure. Make a slightly edgy sound like a creaky door opening. Do a scale on this sound using very little air.Try not to let the sound get to breathy.

3.Witchy Nays

Use the word nay on a bratty or Witch type sound. This exercise assists in cord closure, while the exaggerated sound makes it much easier to ascend into the upper register without cracking.

 The Worst Foods, Drinks Before Singing

1. Alcohol – Many people only sing in public if they’re tipsy, maybe at karaoke open mics etc but many professional singers finally stop singing when they drink as alcohol causes the tissues in the larynx to swell, reducing vocal control and limiting your performance, if you do drink alcohol drink water in between.

2. Spicy Foods – Garlic and other spices are fantastic for the immune system, but they can be hard on the vocal chords.They can also irritate the stomach, causing acid reflux, which in turn can damaged the vocal chords.You’ll also want to avoid foods with nuts or other small particles that could get lodged in your throat and cause irritation when singing.

2. Heavy Foods Before Singing – Best to avoid fatty foods, greasy foods, and anything else that might cause gas.Remember that food is fuel, but don’t over eat singing depends on breath management.If you do eat too much, your digestive system can slow down and your stomach muscles will relax and you’ll find it much harder to support your air.

3. Caffeine – Caffeinated drinks rob moisture from the body and also remember that caffeine is a real drug and it can seriously hype you up.Singing in front of an audience is quite exciting enough by itself; you don’t need to flood your body with to much caffeine and adrenaline.

Karaoke Singer Best Foods Before Singing

1. Water – Dehydration is something a singer must avoid.Dry vocal cords are much less flexible and more easy to damage. But don’t leave it until the last minute to get a drink, you can’t moisten your throat until you have drunk enough water to hydrate all of your bodies vital organs.Many singers reported drinking up to a gallon of water on the day before a big performance.They drink water as soon as they wake up the next morning and always have plenty of water on stage.Singers who suffer from dry mouth should eat apples, lemons, hard candy and ginger tea.A good spoonful of honey will soothe your throat and help to fight off any bacteria.

2. Small Meals –  Good idea to eat a small meal about two hours before your performance. You can’t afford to get dizzy onstage, so try and avoid sugary and starchy foods that could spike your blood sugar levels.Eat some proteins and carbs.Favorite meals included eggs and toast, salmon and salad, or maybe chicken and rice.

3. Vegtables & Fruit – Singers should pile their plates up full of green leafy vegetables, these can help the body remove toxins and fight against diseases, great for the best singing performance,

4. Proteins –  Just like sports athletes, singers also need protein to maintain their stamina and strength.A great many singers like fish and poultry, because they are high in protein but also low in fat.