Karaoke Competition Perth 2021

Karaoke Competition Perth’s Biggest Cash Comp 2021

Karaoke Competition Perth For Amatuers Only.


karaoke 2021

This is the offical page for the Russell Inn karaoke Contest, we will keep it updated with all the latest news.

Karaoke Competition Perth Conditions Of Entry.

16 and over can enter.

No Karaoke hosts.(OWNER OPERATORS)

Solo Performance only.

No Professionals ie anyone who makes or made money from singing.

Attended At Least One Previous Karaoke Night At The Russell Inn.

2 songs for semis and final, you can sing the same songs.

Judges will be provided by the venue for semis and final. Judges decision Is Final.


Chrissie, Shanae, Irene, Claire and Alexis go through to the Grand Final on the 2nd October, well done to all competition singers it was a great night.

karaoke competion perth 2021

Angela, Beth, Scott, Lisa and Chelsea

Russell Inn Karaoke

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How To Win A Karaoke Competition.

HIire A Karaoke Machine.