Karaoke Competition At The Russell Inn 2023

Karaoke Competition Perth. Comp Now Closed.


137A Russell St, Morley WA 6062

Heat 1 Qualifiers Anthony And Jade.

karaoke Thursdays Perth

Heat 2 Qualifiers Adi And Scott

karaoke comp 2023 Morley Perth\

Heat 3 Qualifiers Stephen And Marie

karaoke comp 2023

Heat 4 Qualifiers Wazza And Missy

karaoke competition

Heat 5 Qualifiers Bradley And Jo

karaoke perth

Heat 6 Qualifiers Randy And Anna

Heat 7 Qualifiers Gina And Genevieve

karaoke competition Perth 2023

Heat 8 Qualifiers Tierry And Alex G

karaoke perth

Heat 9 Qualifiers Dean, Ronnie, Joe And Evan

karaoke perth

Congratulations to Jo, Wazza, Anna, Jade and Scott through to the Grand Final.
A great performance from all our singers tonight.


karaoke perth

Joe, Adi, Stephen, Genovive and Missy.

karaoke Perth

Grand Final 5th October.

1st Round, each singer will perform one song followed by a music break and then return for another song in the second round.

Karaoke Competition Perth 2023

Grand Final Results

1st Missy 2nd Genovive 3rd Adi

karaoke competition perth karaoke competition perth karaoke competition perth

As always, Independant judges will be supplied by the venue with scores checked by the venue manager to ensure a fair and entertaining 2023 competition. As was our very successful 2021 comp, where the standard of singing and performance was of a high calibre from all our contestants.

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