Beer Pong Table Bikini Girls+Top Gun Hire Perth

Beer Pong Table Hire Perth Includes Cups N Balls.

Beer Pong Table Hire – No other party games are as well-known and well-liked as beer pong. It’s not just a party drinking game! It’s a game of skill and a little luck, and it can be enjoyed by just about anybody! When hired in combination with one of our superb jukeboxes it guarantees you’ll end up with a great night for all. Popular for Bucks nights, home parties and corporate events.


Beer Pong Table Party and Jukebox Hire Perth  Beer Pong Table Bikini Girls Party and Jukebox Hire Perth

$30 Each Incl Balls When Hired With A Jukebox Music Or Karaoke.

You Supply The Cups.

Table Specifications:

2400mm L x 600mm W (8’ x 2’)

BEV 0431-530-191

KEITH 0431-530-141

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Here is a reference on how to play Beer Pong.

Beer pong is played with two teams of two people that stand at opposite ends of a beer pong table.

    1. Each team has ten or six cups (lesser cups make a quicker game play) arranged in a triangular formation on the table in front of them, filled with their choice of beverage.
    2. The team that starts the game is determined by a coin flip.
    3. Once this is determined, a person from that team starts.
    4. Take turns in throwing your ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups.
    5. Whichever cup your ping pong ball lands in, the opposing team has to drink the contents of that cup.
    6. That cup is then put to one side and that cup is now out of the game.
    7. You have your turn throwing the ball and then your team mate has their turn, then the opposing team will do the same until all of the cups have been removed/consumed from one side of the table.
    8. The first team to eliminate the all the cups is the winner!!
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