Smoke Machine Hire Perth

Hire Smoke-Fog Machine Perth

Smoke Machine hire Perth for your next party. Reliable DJ Quality with or without Remote control. Small machines supplied with 1 ltr of fog fluid and larger has 2 ltr, which should be enough with normal use to last you all night. Machines Just need a few minutes to warm up then Simply press the on button for smoke.

Basic 700 Watt Smoke Machine With Fluid $40

Smoke and fog machine hire Perth

950 Watt Wired + Remote $55 Incl 1ltr Of Fluid.

1500 watt smoke

1500 Watt With Timer And Duration $89 Incl 1.5 ltrs Fluid (LARGE AREAS)

vertical smoke

Vertical 1500 Watt with LED Lights 1.5 Ltr Fluid $89

Extra Fluid

Standard Fluid $15 ltr

Apple Scented Fluid $20 ltr


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